Wizards of Yidrim

Who are the Wizards?

Get ready to unleash your inner Wizard in Arcane, the exciting new game set in the world of Yidrim. As a Wizard, you are the main character and native of this world. Ownership of a Wizard is necessary to play Arcane, and they are also digital collectibles living on the blockchain. You will have full ownership of your Wizard and can trade them on marketplaces like Trove and Opensea.

Every Wizard has a unique set of skill traits that determine their abilities and skills in Yidrim!

Wizards will be used in the Questing and Battling component of Arcane.


Wizards are given a set of traits at summon which acts as the starting point for their ascension. The Wizard Traits are as follow:

  • Focus

  • Strength

  • Intellect

  • Spell

  • Endurance

Each of these Traits impact your Quests' success and the loot your Wizard yields in the zone he currently is in. Some also impact how much rewards your Wizard is eligible for. The above Traits will also affect the combat abilities of your Wizard in the Battling component of the game.


In Arcane, every Wizard has a race. The race of the Wizard will then determine the type of spells that are available to them. All Wizards will start with 1 melee attack, 2 basic spells and 1 beginner level spells depending on their race and choices.

Within each race, there are also talent paths in which the Wizard can choose as they increase in levels. These talent paths will then determine the spells that will be able to learn as the Wizards increase in levels and therefore their playstyle.

Learn more about the races here: Races.


In Yidrim, the Wizards you can summon are all humanoid regardless of their races and have similar appearances. When you summon a Wizard, it will have one of 9 possible appearances. These Wizards are hooded or masked to help inspire you to create your own stories around them without visual prejudice.

Note that there is no visual rarity among the Arcane Wizards as well.

Ancient Wizards

Ancient Wizards were the first 250 Wizards that were minted prior to the Lifeverse acquisition.

These Wizards will have special benefits in the game that allows them to produce unique structures and resources available in the later stages of the game.

More details on this to come soon!

Please note that game details are subject to change as development progresses. We will do our best to keep players informed of any changes, but please be aware that the game may differ from what is currently described. Thank you for your understanding.

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