The Sylvan are a race of forest dwelling wizards in the world of Yidrim. They are known for their deep connection with nature and the spirits of the forest. They have a natural affinity for Earth and Water elements, giving them access to a range of spells that reflect their mastery over these elements.

However, the Sylvan are also a reclusive race. They are generally kind and loving to those who dwell within the forest, but are aloof and avoid interactions with other races. They are ruled by a council of wise and powerful leaders, chosen by the spirits of the forest to guide and protect their people.

Talent Tree


Way of Water

Way of Earth


Water Blast - Blast a target with a powerful stream of water, dealing moderate damage and knocking them backwards.

Boulder Smash - Summon a giant boulder and smash it into a target, dealing damage and stunning them.


Frostbite - Chill targets to the bone, slowing their movement and actions.

Tectonic Armor - Create a suit of Earth armor around the user, increasing their defense and reducing incoming damage.


Frost Spikes - Summon sharp spikes of ice from the ground, damaging all targets within a moderate area of effect and slowing their movement speed.

Earth Spikes - Summon sharp spikes of earth from the ground, damaging all targets within a moderate area of effect and stunning enemies.


Prison of Absolute - Freeze a single target in a block of solid ice, rendering them unable to move for several turns while dealing damage at the end of the turn.

Mother Earth - Empower the earth itself, granting the user damage immunity for the turn.

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