The Yord are a mysterious and ancient race steeped in knowledge and understanding of the forces of nature that govern the universe. Their mastery of the Air and Lightning elements gives them unmatched power in their travels across the world.

Their inscrutable nature and aloof demeanor have earned them a reputation as distant beings among other races in Yidrim. Nevertheless, they are considered to be one of the most powerful races in the land, inspiring both fear and respect with their control over the elements. Despite their formidable power, the Yord choose to observe the world from a neutral perspective, rather than become involved in its affairs.

Talent Tree

MasteryWay of WindWay of Lightning


Blessing of the Wind - Infuse the caster with the power of the wind, increasing their mobility for a few turns.

Lightning Strike - Hit the enemy with a lightning infused strike, dealing moderate damage and stunning them.


Time Jump - Teleport a short distance instantaneously.

Electric Nerves - Infuse the caster or an ally with the power of electricity, increasing their attack damage and speed.


Hurricane Tempo - Create a whirlwind of wind around you, dealing damage to all nearby enemies and pulling them in front of you.

Lightning Cutter - A spell that channels a concentrated beam of lightning energy through the caster's hand, cutting his enemy in half.


Blink Strike - Teleport anywhere on the map, dealing high damage in a small area of effect where you appear.

Descent of the Lightning Dragon - Summons down a massive dragon made up of lightning energy to strike the area around you, dealing massive damage to all enemies within and stunning them.

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