Strategic Battling

Battling in Arcane

Wizards are the initial characters that can Battle in Arcane.

Experience the thrill of strategic battling in Arcane, the exciting new game set in the world of Yidrim. In battles, Wizards will engage in combat on an isometric map divided into a grid. Every turn, you will need to be strategic with your decision making and the actions that your Wizard take so as to outwit your opponent and defeat them in battle. Your Wizard's traits will also heavily influence their combat abilities, while strategy and foresight will be key to emerge victorious. Be sure to prepare well with the right gear and tactics to come out on top.

During your turn, you can spend both your Movement Points and Action Points as you see fit, triggering as many actions as you have the resources for. Choose the right spell, melee attack, or placement to be successful in combat and emerge victorious.

Your spells' power levels are impacted by your Wizard's base stats and the gear they are wearing, which can be found during questing, crafted, or bought on the marketplace. Once a Wizard's health points reach zero or a player doesn't play in the allocated time, the fight is won by their opponent.

PVE (On Launch)

PVE Battles are where players will be able to compete against NPCs and monsters in the world of Yidrim. Players will be able to earn Gold (In-game Currency) from these monsters that they can then use to purchase items for decorating their camp.

PVP (Post Launch)

Please note that game details are subject to change as development progresses. We will do our best to keep players informed of any changes, but please be aware that the game may differ from what is currently described. Thank you for your understanding.

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