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Wizards are the characters that can Quest in Arcane.

As a Wizard, you are compelled to explore the world, discover its forgotten artifacts, uncover secrets or control of precious resource points. You can choose to go on quests in many different regions inside Yidrim. But choose wisely as some regions might not be as forgiving as othersโ€ฆ

Character Building

All Wizards start with randomized base traits that can then be improved only through gears and artifacts. These gears and artifacts can only be obtained through adventuring in Yidrim or crafting using resources that can be found on adventures. Therefore, Adventuring is the core of Yidrim and Wizards will be required to go on them if they want to become stronger.

  • Gear Types

Finding the right gear for exploring Yidrim is critical. Basic gear can be looted during Quests, but rarer pieces will have to be crafted or obtained during special events.

There are 7 gear slots: Head, Chest, Left-Arm, Right-Arm, Legs, Necklace and Ring.

Each piece provides your character with additional skill-points on top of your base traits, granting you enhanced power in questing and battling.

  • Weapon Types

The following Weapons can be equipped by wizards as well: Swords, Maces, Staves, Wands, Idols and Daggers.

Similar to Gear, Weapons will help to improve the Wizards traits, giving them enhanced power in questing and battling.

  • Mana

Mana is the energy resource system of Arcane. it allows you to go on quests and recharges over time. Once a Wizard has spent all its Mana, it will therefore be unable to quest anymore until their Mana is replenished.

Note that the higher the level of the Wizard, the less Mana it costs to quest in a lower level zone. E.g. A Wizard will be able to fit 1-2 quests a day in a zone of similar level to the Wizard but when questing in a lower level zone, will be able to fit 3-4 quests.

Wizards will therefore be able to gather more resources or rarer resources as they level up through adventuring in Yidrim.


In the world of Yidrim, there are many Regions. Some are welcoming to the Wizards of Yidrim while others are filled with danger and the stench of death.

Regions are the different maps of Yidrim in which Wizards can quests on. Each region will have different resources available, with higher level regions containing rarer resources. Some regions may even contain resources from other worlds in the Treasure-verse. Join the adventure and discover what secrets lie hidden in the regions of Yidrim!

Quest Events

When returning from a quest, your Wizard triggers a randomized amount and types of Quest Events. The success of your Wizard in these events will be heavily determined by their stats, therefore driving home the importance of collecting and crafting superior gears.

These text-based events will help to bring more life to the world of Yidrim and allow for the players to immerse themselves further into the world.

Please note that game details are subject to change as development progresses. We will do our best to keep players informed of any changes, but please be aware that the game may differ from what is currently described. Thank you for your understanding.

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