The Undead in Yidrim are known for their mastery over the forces of Darkness and Death. They have risen from the dead, animated by dark magic and an innate power of the mind. With their affinity for these elements, they are able to control and manipulate the darkness, shadows, and the power of death. Their spells allow them to exert their control over others, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies and bending them to their will.

Despite their fearsome reputation, the Undead are not necessarily evil, but they are often viewed with suspicion and fear by the living. Some of the Undead are former soldiers, resurrected by their masters to continue serving in death. Others are former wizards, whose love of knowledge and power led them to embrace the darkness.

Talent Tree

MasteryWay of DarknessWay of Death


Atrophy - Inflict a debilitating curse on a target reducing their stats and causing them to take increased damage for several turns.

Haunted Poison - Poison a target with the curse of Death, dealing damage over time.


Shadow Steps - Disappear into the Shadows and appear elsewhere, moving a short distance instantly.

Ghoul Aura - Curse an area with the aura of death for a few turns, dealing damage to enemies within the area at the end of each turn.


Nightmare Blast - Create a blast of pure darkness that explodes in a moderate area of effect, dealing moderate damage to all enemies within.

Life Drain - Drain a target's life force, dealing moderate damage and potentially healing the caster for a portion of the damage dealt.


Shadow Realm - Turn the battlefield into a pure darkness for a few turns, reducing the stats of all enemies and causing them to take increased damage.

Hellscape - Turn the battlefield into a vision of hell for a few turns, dealing damage to all enemies at the end of each turn.

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