The Siam are a spiritual and devout race in Yidrim, known for their deep connection to their gods and their religious beliefs. They have an innate affinity to the Light and Divine elements, allowing them to perform powerful magic and call upon the power of their gods.

The Siam are a noble and wise race, dedicated to serving their divine masters and protecting their people. Their religious devotion, compassion, and mastery of magic make them a formidable force in Yidrim.

Talent Tree


Way of Light

Way of Divine


Minor Healing - Restore your own health.

Charge - Rush towards a target, quickly closing the gap while dealing moderate damage.


Shield of Light - Create a protective aura of light around you, healing yourself and reducing incoming damage.

Akassir's Blessing - Bestow a blessing upon yourself, granting you increased mobility and action points this turn.


Radiant Zone - Create a zone of radiant energy that lasts for several turns, healing yourself at the end of each turn.

Heavenโ€™s Fist - Call forth a fist made with divine energy from the heavens, dealing high damage to an area of effect.


Light of Mu - Unleash an explosion of pure light around you, dealing massive damage to enemies around you while restoring your own health and eliminating any negative status effects.

Ancient Avatar - Accept the power of the divine into your body, granting you increased stats, defense, mobility and action points.

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