Mastering Your Craft


Note that only Companions can Craft in Arcane. Wizards are unable to craft.

Equip yourself with powerful gear and weapons in Arcane! As a Wizard, you can obtain these items through crafting with your companions. By equipping stronger gear and weapons, you can improve your base traits and enhance your abilities in both questing and battling. Crafting will require resources that can be obtained from quests or the marketplace, including some from other worlds.

There are two types of items that can be crafted: General Items (Gen) and Profession Items (Pro).

General Items

General Items are accessible by all Companions regardless of professions, and are most often used to perform Ascension Rituals to level up your character or perform Home upgrades.

Profession Items

Profession Items are specialized recipes that are available to specific Professions only. Your Companion can only craft Profession items of the Profession it belongs to. To obtain items from other Professions, players can trade directly with other places or on the open marketplace to acquire these specialized goods.

Astral Ritual

All Wizards will also face a terrible choice: they can begin the Astral Ritual which lasts for 3 months. At the end, their spirit dies and returns to the Primal Flux. In exchange for the ritual and burning their wizards, players will receive an Astral Spark, one of the rarest Crafting Components in the game.

Please note that game details are subject to change as development progresses. We will do our best to keep players informed of any changes, but please be aware that the game may differ from what is currently described. Thank you for your understanding.

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