Our Commitment to TreasureDAO

As part of Lifeverse, Arcane is part of the TreasureDAO ecosystem and highly committed to building with interoperability in mind. Arcane will pursue integration with the Treasure Ecosystem through:

  1. Trove Marketplace - Having digital collectibles (Wizards, Resources, Etc.) listed on Trove.

  2. Companions - Digital collectibles from other Treasure ecosystems could appear in Arcane as cosmetics, resources or even playable characters in the future.

  3. Shared Resources - $MAGIC alongside Treasure NFTs will be a core part of Yidrim. Arcane is also built so that projects are able to easily integrate their resources into the world of Yidrim as well. E.g. Able to find other resources from other worlds (KOTE, Realm, TOE, etc) while questing in the world of Yidrim that could be used in their native worlds alongside Yidrim.

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