Humans in Arcane are known for their versatility and adaptability in combat. They have an affinity for the Way of Fire and the Way of Iron, giving them access to a range of spells that reflect their mastery over fire and metal elements. As a result of their abilities, Humans have become powerful leaders, respected scholars, and feared warriors, always seeking to expand their knowledge and power. They are known for their determination and ambition, always striving to be the best in whatever they do.

Talent Tree


Way of Fire

Way of Metal


Ignite - Ignite a target within range, dealing moderate damage and applying a burning effect that lasts for several turns.

Metal Lance - Summon a sharp lance of metal that impales a single target, dealing damage.


Enrage - Enter a state of fury, increasing the user's spell damage for several turns.

Metal Skin - Create a suit of metal armor around the user, increasing their defense and reducing incoming damage.


Fireball - Hurl a fiery ball at a target within range, dealing high fire damage in a small area of effect.

Falling Anvil - Summon a massive anvil from the sky, crushing a single target within a large area of effect. The spell deals high blunt damage.


Inferno Blast - Unleash a massive explosion of fire, dealing high damage to all targets within a large area of effect while applying a burning effect that lasts for several turns.

Inescapable Coffin - Trap a single target in a coffin made of solid metal that crushes them, dealing high amounts of damage.

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