Introduction to Arcane

Welcome to Yidrim

Traveler, are you ready for an adventure like no other? Join us in Arcane, the experimental GameFi RPG taking place in the world of Yidrim. As a Wizard, you will embark on quests, build up your home base, craft unique items, and battle against other Wizards. Take part in a flourishing and sustainable economy where you will have to trade with others to advance your profession and grow stronger. Arcane is built atop the Arbitrum chain and within the TreasureDAO gaming ecosystem, pushing the limits of on-chain gaming and providing users with a unique Web3 experience. Join us on this exciting journey and help shape the future of on-chain gaming!

Arcane Goals

Arcane has the following goals:

  • Push the limits of on-chain gaming and provide users with a unique Web3 gaming experience. This will be done so through:

    • A fun and rewarding game loop consisting of questing, crafting and battling, with majority of them built on-chain.

    • A robust and sustainable economy where players will be able create and obtain value from.

    • Other innovative gameplay mechanisms aimed at providing players with a high quality gaming experience.

  • Push the interoperability of the TreasureDAO ecosystem further through the use of $MAGIC and Treasure NFTs.

  • Creation of a modular community tool that will easily allow for other projects to build upon and populate the world of Arcane with assets from other games.

Arcane is very passionate about on-chain gaming's potential to blur the lines between traditional video game design, story-telling and digital economies. Every decision taken in its development aims at creating a rewarding and consequential experience, while providing value to Yidrim's inhabitants. It's the start of an adventure, where together with the community we push the boundaries of on-chain experiences.

Note that the main NFTs used in Arcane are Wizards NFTs.

Please note that game details are subject to change as development progresses. We will do our best to keep players informed of any changes, but please be aware that the game may differ from what is currently described. Thank you for your understanding.

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